To win – material or imaterialmente, three things are definable need: know how to work, take advantage of opportunities and create relationships. The Rest belongs to the indefinable element, but real, that, for lack of a better name, luck

- Theory and practice of Commerce Theme-Success -


Themes & Words, designated by Themes & Words-Pepelaria Ltdis a company represented by quotas, was founded in October 2008, opened the doors a month later, on Rua da Cruz, no. 168/170 in Moline and since then with enough commitment, humility and dedication has been developing a successful work, being proof of that same, the opening of a new store within the Pingo Doce mining Gallerythat this way will keeping expectations at a higher level, always aware of the economic situation of the country.

The Themes & Words opened a new space in June 2014 at Pingo Doce tilling, increasing its response to the needs of the community.

This stationery (s) (s) account with various services, in particular, Payshop; Sale of CTT post among others, has as its main Tobacco sales; Magazines; Newspapers; Cartridges and Toners; Goodies; Books; School Supplies; Cells; Scratch Cards; Bazar; Gifts; Postcards and much more.

In the school shed is representative of the main brands like Giotto; Ambar; Firmo; Pelikan; Piper Maté; UHU; Mab; Safel; Jovi; Viarco; Apli; Nici etc.

Themes & Words, is the exclusive representative in the mining area, marks NICI; PEPE JEANS; DIESEL; MAUI; BUFF and ZIPPO.

The purpose of this firm is to expand the business in other locations, which will be soon with the same spirit. "Success"

The Management.